Summa Professional Development Center

We work with three truths of Adult Learning:

  • We cannot bring about in the child what we are not bringing forth in ourselves.
  • We must move beyond control or management into genuine relationship. 
  • Any adult who is motivated by care in relationship with a child can learn how to nurture the child’s developmental needs.

SUMMA PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT is a rich resource that offering parents and professionals a place to learn about NLR which is a comprehensive, thoroughly-researched understanding of child development that provides practical, transformative applications which promote greater depth and connection in all relationships with children.

Our professional development programs focus on self-discovery, skill development, and the practical application of the most up-to-date theory and scholarship. Rooted in the Natural Learning Relationships approach, and its inherent flexibility we are able to easily respond to the specific needs of individual professionals and their organizations.

Through the wealth of research that Summa has established over the last 25 years, we have identified the need of mentors and teachers for a center where learning and experience come together. The Summa Academy, as a lab school, exemplifies Summa’s relational approach to children and adults.

This dynamic context allows professionals and mentors:

  • Direct experience of the efficacy of Summa’s approach
  • Immersion learning
  • Reflective dialog about observations during their experiential learning
  • Opportunity to design unique programming specific to their constituencies
  • Follow-up allows continual refinement of design and skills

We have served thousands of professionals across the professional spectrum.

“We are not top-down instructors delivering knowledge, we are facilitators creating circumstances for knowledge to emerge.”  - Josette Luvmour



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