Who benefits from the work that Summa does?

Humans make Decisions. Healthy Humans make Healthy Decisions.

At Summa Academy, each child is supported with Natural Learning Relationships so they can develop their ability to self-reflect in a way that builds confidence and helps them to know their place in the family, community, and society. The benefits of right relationship with children shower onto other children, adults, families, and society as a whole.

  • The Child. When the whole child’s developmental needs are met, the child can access optimal well-being and a lasting ability to find joy and wonder in themselves, in the world, and in the people around them.
  • The Parent. Parents and other childcare givers blossom into greater well-being when they dance with children in the NLR way as it fosters simultaneous development in the adult. The NLR-informed relationship serves the deepest development of both the child and the adult.
  • The Family. Deep connection, love, and trust flourish when healthy relationships in the family are a source of energy and vitality.
  • The Professional. NLR relationships offer an effective way to improve professional confidence, further one’s practice, build skills, and foster positive relationships in the organization. Most importantly, it shifts the focus from a cultural norm of fault-finding to one of promoting well-being, which changes the perception of the child, the adults, and the family itself.
  • The Community. Investing the time and energy to nurture a family creates a ripple effect that takes care of the whole community as well as all of society.
  • The Society. Children, families, and professionals who experience NLR develop social abilities that bring greater perspective, understanding, compassion, and problem-solving to the world we live in.

Note: Natural Learning Relationships relies on universal principles of child development. We believe that every family can nourish the well-being of their children and that the developmental approach of Natural Learning Relationships has value for parents, teachers, education administrators, counselors, therapists, and grandparents, and other caregivers, regardless of culture or socio-economic status. Rather, Natural Learning Relationships can stimulate ideas about how to glean the best from a culture to boost family well-being.



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