Natural Learning Relationships Developmental Chart

Characteristics of Each Stage Body Being Feeling Being Ideal Being Reasonable Being
Ages (years) 0 thru 7 8 thru 12 13 thru 18 19 thru 23
Primary Nourishment Loving Touch Feeling Mentors Sensitive Respect Mature Recognition Recognition of Commitment, Equality, Achievement, Recognition
Secondary Nourishment Security, Warmth, Nourishment, Flexibility Fairness, Justice, Caring, Concern, Honesty, Adventure, Adaptability Challenges, Adventure, Peer Sensitivity, Personal Space, Opportunity to explore Ideals, New Identity Exploration Opportunities Inquiry, comparison, exploration, experimentation, discernment, recapitulation, suggestion, discernment
Mode of Communication Sensory Exploration Feeling Engagement Inquiry into Ideals Dialogue into meaning
Primary Quality Of Organizing Principle Rightful Place Trust Autonomy (Self-governance) Interconnection, Humor, Humility
Secondary Qualities Of Organizing Principle Boundaries & Strength Reciprocal Cooperation Identity Construction Personal Power & Freedom Intentionality, Incisiveness, Relationship, & Systems Creation
Meaning Making New Symbolic use of Language Thirst for Inspirational Experiences and Information of what lies beyond the physical Self-Knowledge of Potential for Personal Greatness Humbling view of the great-mystery underlying all life Investigation of meaning and purpose
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