Adult Development—Emergent Wisdom in the Family Context

Summa Institute
A Study of the Developmental Experiences of Adults Who Actively Work to Meet Their Child’s Developmental Imperatives
Josette Luvmour, PhD

Everyone accepts that the adult influences the child but few realize how much the child changes the adult. This scholarly work centers on adult development that is influenced by nurturing the child’s developmental imperatives.

It is a mixed-methods study that explores the lived experiences of adults when they intentionally focus on nurturing the development of their children. The research captures twenty mothers’ and fathers’ perspectives about their development from using child development principles. Analysis results identified five themes: (a) cognitive development in perspective, differentiation from past ways, and new meaning-making; (b) emotional development of trust, empathy, and affective complexity; (c) personal agency of intentional effort and use of critical self-inquiry; (d) adult well- being; and (e) emergence of wisdom.

This book is a valuable resource for therapists, teachers, social workers, students, and parents. This is an important contribution to the knowledge of how parenting can support the growth and self-knowledge of adults who make intentional efforts to use child development practices in daily life.

Lambert Academic Publishing - 160 Pages - Paperback

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Optimal Parenting—Using Natural Learning Rhythms to Nurture the Whole Child

Ba Luvmour

Summa InstituteBa’s new book, Optimal Parenting—Using Natural Learning Rhythms to Nurture the Whole Child, is now available. Optimal Parenting focuses on well-being and describes the unfolding of the child’s consciousness, considering cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual development. It includes easy to understand philosophical and psychological principles to make its points and has many practical applications including playing with children, nurturing non-sectarian spirituality, achieving academic excellence and remedying dysfunction.

Sentient Publications - 432 Pages - Paperback

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Natural Learning Rhythms—Discovering How and When Your Child Learns

Josette & Ba Luvmour

Summa Institute

“For over twenty years, pioneers in child development Josette and Ba Luvmour have worked with families and children dealing with the stresses of parenting and growing up in today’s world. Out of their extensive experience, research, and insightful interpretation, the Luvmours developed a holistic theory of human development they have termed Natural Learning Rhythms. Essentially, they have reconceptualized the observations by Piaget, Erickson, Montessori, Steiner, Gesell and other theorists that the person grows in distinct stages, each with it’s characteristic qualities and social, physical and spiritual needs. Natural Learning Rhythms describes these stages from a fresh and illuminating perspective that enables parents, therapists and educators to better understand the tendencies and behaviors of children, and the social and environmental conditions children need to navigate through the different phases of growing and learning.

Natural Learning Rhythms could be subtitled “What Every Educator Needs to Know.” In a profound way, this book questions our educational priorities and asks how we can expect children to grow into healthy adults in a competitive, fearful, mechanistic culture.”
- Ron Miller PhD, author & historian of Holistic Education

Celestial Arts - 275 Pages

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Win-Win Games for All Ages—Cooperative Activities for Teaching Social Skills

Josette & Ba Luvmour with Debra & Tom Weistar and Amber & Albee Kara

Summa InstituteGames are among the very best ways of teaching and learning crucial skills that can last a lifetime. Win-Win Games for All Ages is all about people getting to know one another better and deepening relationships. It is an exciting resource designed for use with groups of children or adults that offers ways to hear values, demonstrate skills, and express oneself in safety. The book includes three different sections:

  • Cooperative Games and Activities: includes 40 fun and exciting all-new games such as “This Is My Nose”, “Do You Believe in Lies?” and “Feeding Friend-zy”. These games allow safe ways to talk with one another about difficult issues. They are fun, include everyone, and help people appreciate the value of others’ contributions.
  • Initiatives: increasing the level of both opportunity and risk, thirteen of these more complex games - such as Dream Bucket, Mind Trapand Nuclear Waste - focus on group problem solving activities.
  • Holistic Learning Adventures: these three advanced exercises explore trust-building in week-long experiences.

Each carefully selected game includes details about the appropriate age level, group size, supplies required, activity level, location, and set-up along with a full description. In addition, games are ordered according to the level of interpersonal risk involved, and a detailed introduction includes a useful discussion of framing and debriefing.

Perfect for educators, parents, and anyone who works with children (or adults!), Win-Win Games is sure to be a favorite for many years to come.

New Society - 125 Pages

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Tiger by the Tail

Josette & Ba Luvmour

Summa InstituteAn insightful collection of essays, Tiger by the Tail illuminates the seminal understandings from which Natural Learning Rhythms springs forth.

NLR offers a foundational comprehension of human spirit and capacity, a practical understanding of how children grow and learn, and an inspiring perception of what it means to be human. As an expression of the Perennial Philosophy, Natural Learning Rhythms is meaningful across the bounds of time, culture, ethnicity and economics. Relevant to all families by virtue that it only finds completion as it is practiced in each unique setting; NLR is not bound to any religion, philosophy or dogma.

Tiger by the Tail is an invitation to explore the deeper realms of human experience and possibility, to participate in the richness of wisdom-based relationship.

EnCompass Press - 175 Pages

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