The Difference Between Change and Emergence

(This is the last blog describing our philosophical foundations for a while. In respect of those who have toured the facility and the questions they have asked, and the imminent Opening, blogs, will appear more frequently and will focus how we accomplish our mission and vision.)

My Executive… Read More >

The Blessed End of Choice

Living self knowledge is the end of choice.

Those who live self knowledge live beyond comparison as a way to ascertain value. The balance sheet approach to decision making never occurs.

Simply, there is a draw to well-being, to the insight and action that dissolves the illusion of… Read More >

Psyche, Paradox, and Self Knowledge

In his brilliantly detailed book, The Mystical Languages of Unsaying, Michael Sells scrutinizes the verbal and written teachings of Greek, Christian, and Islamic texts. The point is clear: As soon as an aware person speaks of self knowledge he or she immediately “unsays” it. Why? Because… Read More >

The Absurdity of “I Am Not The Body”

Unlike many Eastern philosophers, living self knowledge includes embracing the body. When I read a quote such as appeared on a recent Thich Nhat Hanh calendar that “I Am Not The body,” I hope he meant to say “I Am Not Only The Body.” Self includes body, obviously. It seems incredible… Read More >

The Space Between

Music lives in the space between the notes. If we don’t listen into that space we never hear the harmony, the subtle melding in which the richness emerges as our own inner knowing.

I have done this exercise with many: Standing in a field I point in a direction and ask what is seen. Most… Read More >

The Myth of Service

When people speak of “doing service” they generally mean that they are attempting to help others or the environment. Service implies furthering spiritual and social justice goals. Many who do service think they are progress spiritually and improve Earth. In fact, they are doing neither,… Read More >

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