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Field Learning 2015 - a letter from our Headmaster

Summa Institute

Among the touching moments at last night’s BRIDGE parent meeting was the observation by several parents of the unity and support among all the Summa students during the two weeks of Field Learning. This unity is a testament to the commitment to Emotional Intelligence by students and staff.… Read More >

Teacher Appreciation Month

Summa Teachers

Did you know that May is National Teacher Appreciation Month? May 6th this year was Teacher Appreciation Day, and kicked off Teacher Appreciation Week form May 6-10.

Summa took to Facebook to ask, “What Summa teacher do you appreciate, and why?” Here were some of the answers we received.

Read More >

Summa Academy, Montessori, Waldorf, and Reggio Emilia

A Comparison Table: Summa Academy, Montessori, Waldorf, and Reggio Emilia

For over 30 years Summa’s holistic child development approach, Natural Learning Relationships, has been used by schools of all types (including many Waldorf and Montessori schools), parents, and social service agencies… Read More >

Does teaching according to the Common Core undermine moral understanding?

Written by Summa Academy Headmaster and Co-Founder, Ba Luvmour

The debate rages on the op ed page of the NY Times and progressive websites like Slate:
Does teaching according to the Common Core undermine moral understanding in students?

I won’t describe the debating points each side… Read More >

Educating Summa Explorers

Written by Ba Luvmour, Headmaster & Co-Founder of Summa Academy

explorers classroom 1

The educator’s voice calls out in song, the chorus of explorer voices answer. “I am passing letters, around and around. And when they stop, you will pick one, just one. ” The students answer, “When you stop, we will pick one,… Read More >

An Example of Self-Reflection at Summa Academy

Written by Josette Luvmour, Summa Institute Co-Founder
Summa Institute

Self-reflection is simply to know oneself as we are. It is a process of knowing exactly who we are, as we are. Self-reflection is to be aware, as I am in the moment.

Being self-aware is to look within ourselves to get a clear snapshot of… Read More >

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