Field Learning 2015 - a letter from our Headmaster

Summa Institute

Among the touching moments at last night’s BRIDGE parent meeting was the observation by several parents of the unity and support among all the Summa students during the two weeks of Field Learning. This unity is a testament to the commitment to Emotional Intelligence by students and staff.… Read More >

Parent Focus: Melissa DeMartini and Edward Biden

Melissa DeMartini and Edward Biden are both long-time native Portlanders. Melissa grew up in the Milwaukie-area; Edward in Garden Home. Now a family with two kids, Finn & Lola, dog, Harper, and cat, Dempsey, they live in Garden Home. Their son, Finn, attends Summa Academy, where he is… Read More >

Summa Academy, Montessori, Waldorf, and Reggio Emilia

A Comparison Table: Summa Academy, Montessori, Waldorf, and Reggio Emilia

For over 30 years Summa’s holistic child development approach, Natural Learning Relationships, has been used by schools of all types (including many Waldorf and Montessori schools), parents, and social service agencies… Read More >

Parent Focus:  Shannon Conley

Summa Institute

Originally from New Jersey, Shannon came to Portland via Charleston and Los Angeles. In 2007 she opened Urban Waxx, focusing on two of her passions: customer service, and creating a positive, validating, exciting space for employees to grow and thrive.  She began with one location and three… Read More >

Wisdom and Love

Never mistake knowledge for wisdom.
One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life.

– Sandra Carey

Wisdom lives in each of us. Similar to every other natural capacity, nurturing relationships are required to draw wisdom forth. What is wisdom? You will find our working… Read More >

A Closer Look at Headmaster of Summa Academy, Ba Luvmour, MA

Co-founder of Summa Institute and co-creator of Natural Learning Relationships, Ba Luvmour has published five books, taught hundreds of parents and children, and led countless programs for families since 1985. Ba is also adjunct faculty at The Self Design Graduate Institute. When you ask Ba… Read More >

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