A Well-Intentioned Egregious Mistake

Optimal well-being is nurtured through relationship, and by mentoring the feelings of children between 8-12. These children are vitally connected to community through their relationships. When the community preaches a code and expects allegiance as the dues for membership, then their ability… Read More >

Conversation with Josette—I

Josette  and I love to talk shop.  Currently, she is revisiting the field of the neurobiology of interpersonal life. In other words, what do we know about the effects of interpersonal dynamics on the brain, the nervous system, the body, and the way we live our lives?

She and I have followed… Read More >

An Elegant Parenting Moment

#1 in the Detective Blog Series

(In Detective Blogs all events described actually occurred. Names are always changed to respect privacy. As with all good mysteries the solution is embedded in the story.)

Last week I experienced an elegant example of Natural Learning Relationships (NLR) in… Read More >

Spanking? Wrong Question

The flavor of the month among people who want to believe they are experts on parenting is to debate spanking. Some cognitive behaviorist conducted a study and came up with the startling (!) result that spanked children are much more likely to exhibit violent behavior. And out of the woodwork… Read More >

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