Love Through a Child’s Eyes

I have the great good fortune to live next door to my grandchildren. We play, travel, learn, and are often together. Recently 5-year-old Naomi and I were in the midst of an exciting game of her design. Abruptly she changed the rules. While I knew that rules and 5-year-old children don’t… Read More >

Families and Social Justice

Ba and I teach a course to graduate students through SelfDesign Graduate Institute. Our last course was in Applications of Child Development to academic excellence, conflict resolution, and social justice. This blog-post/article was written by an exceptional graduate student who studied with… Read More >

Conquer The Tyranny Of Normal: How Children Can Succeed

Children are more than the sum of their capacities. In this post we will discuss a chief cultural mistake that holds children back. It is through connection to the whole-child that each person’s greatness is allowed to emerge. In relationship to one another’s greatness, we all thrive. This… Read More >

The Do’s and Don’ts About Bullying

Programs to stop bullying proliferate, yet most fail.  Why? Parents hear of bullying but lack effective means of responding to it.  What can be done?

Do watch the body language of your children carefully. Bullied children often exhibit somatic complaints such as headaches and stomachaches.… Read More >

The Development of Resilience

[Excerpt from J. Luvmour’s book in progress: Adult Development with children.
Due for release in 2014]

Let’s face it; life with children can be stressful. Resilience under stressful circumstances is not often easy to come by. Many parents feel that their own parents did not understand… Read More >

The 5 Essentials of Successful Schools

As part of my ongoing work, I try and keep current on the research others are doing in education. I recently came across a study that the University of Chicago did on what makes a successful school. After 15 years of research on schools, the University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School… Read More >

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