At Summa Academy, our teachers are masters of connection.

Summa Institute

We see the relationship between student and teacher as the foundation for successful learning.

We create these relationships continuously. Our teachers use NLR insights and personal contact with the student and their family to know the student as a person and as a learner. Teachers, student, and family design an individualized curriculum to maximize the student’s strengths and learning style. Interactive assessments allow student and teacher to learn from one another so that learning stays interesting and challenging. Because our interpersonal curriculum is woven throughout the day, staff and students continually learn with one another in all matters of human interaction.

Summa Academy educators all embody these qualities:

  1. Knowing the way children see the world and providing developmental stage-appropriate activities and communication
  2. Caring for the child’s success
  3. Having a strong presence and authenticity as a human being
  4. Knowing how to self-reflect and being willing to engage in self-inquiry
  5. Being committed to promoting well-being through ethical, respectful, and collaborative professional relationships
  6. Having strong interpersonal intelligence
  7. Communicating skillfully with a well-developed ability for empathic listening
  8. Having the flexibility and adaptability to be both a leader and a team player
  9. Being skillful at observation; knowing how to attend to whatever is happening in the child
  10. Having a strong interest in related fields (e.g., psychology, communication, consciousness studies)

Teachers are the key facilitators of a successful classroom culture. 


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