Family connection lies at the heart of Summa Academy.

Bridging the gap between the values and priorities of home and school is a major challenge in today’s culture. When parents and teachers understand, appreciate, and support one another, they support optimal well-being for the child. 

At Summa, the use of NLR creates a mutually supportive dialogue between parents and teachers that is principally concerned with the development of the child’s well-being: their integrity, resilience, enthusiasm, sensitivity, social responsibility, courage in facing the challenges of living, intellect, and care for the deepest, most transcendent aspects of living.

Parents and teachers begin their relationship before school begins by co-creating the curriculum best suited for the child. In addition, they have regular meetings (approximately one a month), mutually assess the student’s learning, and coordinate support. At no time is the child without connection. Part of parent education is participating in project-based learnings during which they can come into deeper relationship with the teachers and the students.

Positive parent/teacher communication:

  • Establishes open, honest, and respectful relationships between parents and teachers
  • Gives teachers insights into their student’s character, strengths, interests, and needs
  • Involves parents in decision-making about the care and education of their children
  • Respects the parent’s rights to information about their children
  • Honors diversity and family privacy
  • Promotes the child’s well-being

Summa Academy is unique in its high regard for home and parents. Informed parents are in the child’s best interest and leads to academic and emotional success. The rewards are far-reaching and fulfill the promise made by co-founder Ba Luvmour:

Commitment to the values of knowledge, relationship, family, and child provides the medium in which parents and teachers can communicate clearly and effectively about children. Parents and teachers now have a common vocabulary that is respectful of their concerns and of the child’s needs. Consider the academic benefits:

  • Teacher and parent in alignment
  • Curriculum supportive of the child’s development and learning style.
  • Coherent values between home and school
  • Relevance
  • Consistency

This is not an unattainable utopia. It is realizable here and now and is, in my opinion, an unalienable right of children.”


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