Emotional Intelligence at Summa Academy

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Intellectual and Emotional Intelligence are both vital to a successful education. Interpersonal learning is woven into the fabric of the Summa Academy. Relationship and connection, connection and relationship are the essence of successful learning. At Summa Academy, this applies to everyone, always and everywhere. 

Why interpersonal learning? It’s how we develop trust—trust in ourselves, trust in our teachers, mentors, parents, elders, friends, and peers.

Trust empowers. With trust we can engage in complex emotional situations, confidently tackle challenging tasks, and ask for help and guidance when necessary. When trust permeates the school and the home, learning is a natural expression of well-being. Fear and anxiety, which are not conducive to learning, are prevented.

How we create interpersonal learning at Summa Academy

Using Natural Learning Relationships, we know how children at various stages organize their world and specifically how they engage in interpersonal learning. This provides the blueprint for our interpersonal curriculum and for guiding the students in learning effective communication, cooperation, conflict resolution, tolerance and appreciation, and mutual support towards well-being.

Our interpersonal curriculum uses specially designed activities to help students and parents build trust, communication, and self-esteem. These activities get more complex throughout the school year and result in confident children with increased social abilities. The activities also provide an excellent diagnostic of interpersonal challenges that students may be experiencing.

In addition, we know that every moment is a learning moment. That is why teacher training at Summa Academy emphasizes understanding the child’s interpersonal development and how to mentor the children so that their interactions serve optimal well-being for all. Whether it is one student supporting another or working out differences, teachers know that loss of connection is loss of learning. At Summa Academy, teachers know how to remove the obstacle and restore well-being for all involved.

Natural Learning Relationships has been used successfully to do this for more than 25 years. Awarded the Parent’s Choice award, our work in this area has been adopted by public and private schools.

A note about parental involvement: As parents become familiar with NLR, they add to the interpersonal learning culture of the school. At the Academy, they can engage in more meaningful relationships with students and staff. At home, improved communication and trust at home reinforces relational health for everyone at the Academy. Children always blossom and actualize well-being when home and school support one another.


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