Capacities are Innate—Development occurs in Relationship

Summa Institute

At Summa Academy, we teach and nurture all aspects of the child by providing each child with the right information at the right time in the right way. Using Natural Learning Relationships, we teach in time with the child. NLR is at the core of everything we do. It is the map of a child’s inherent wholeness.

Learning occurs in every moment of a child’s life. Using NLR, we know the rhythms of development. We optimize each moment so that learning is ongoing and in tune with each child’s window of opportunity. This means we are close to your child and recognize when the light goes on.

To accomplish this, our educators are masters of connection. They value interpersonal, social, and emotional learning as highly as they value traditional academic learning. And they value relationship with parents and other teachers as deeply as they value relationship with students.

At Summa Academy, students are able to engage with curricula that evoke their curiosity and extend their cognitive, physical, emotional and social abilities. Assessment itself is a learning process that includes portfolios, self-evaluation, teacher-evaluation, and parent conferences. This empowers every student.

Our curriculum includes whole family learning that brings the child’s home life and education into harmony. Through our family programs, all family members find new ways of relating that support learning and growth. Teachers and parents collaborate toward a common vision for the child so that the child receives the support needed to optimize learning.

Using NLR, everyone works together, communicates, learns, and interacts with purpose and meaning—with the child at the center. We all become masters of connection, growing together.


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