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Neurodiversity at Summa Academy

Summa Institute

Neurodiversity is an approach to learning and disability that suggests that diverse neurological conditions appear as a result of normal variations in the human brain. Just as we celebrate diversity in nature and cultures, so too do we need to honor the diversity of brains among our students who learn, think, and behave differently.

Summa Academy is part of neurodiversity movement, which is an international civil rights movement. This movement frames neurotypes as a natural human variation rather than a pathology or disorder, and its advocates reject the idea that neurological differences need to be (or can be) cured, as they believe them to be authentic forms of human diversity, self-expression, and being. Neurological differences should be recognized and respected as a social category on a par with gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or disability status.

We promote support systems (such as inclusion-focused services, accommodations, communication and assistive technologies) that allow those who are neurologically diverse to live their lives as they are, rather than being coerced or forced to adopt uncritically accepted ideas of normalcy, or to conform to a clinical ideal. We currently have and are dedicated to keeping 10% neurodiversity in our school.


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