Our Mission, Vision and Values

mission and values


To awaken the inherent greatness of humanity.


Individuals, families, professionals and communities strengthened through the actualization of their potential.

Core Values

The goal of education, family, and vocation is to discover the greatness that lives in each of us and actualize our highest potential

We use Natural Learning Relationships with families, students and professionals so they can achieve optimal well-being in self, family, and society

We support relationships based on respect, trust, and expertise

We provide an educational community that awakens, enlivens, and enlightens.

We take proactive measures in our own organization to ensure that how we interact and what we do allows for staff development

We adhere to three truths of Adult Learning:

  1. We cannot bring about in the child what we are not bringing forth in ourselves.
  2. We must move beyond control or management into genuine relationship.
  3. Any adult who is motivated by care in relationship with a child can learn how to nurture the child’s developmental needs.

Summa Institute was founded in 1985 and is a non-profit organization with a 501(c)(3) IRS determination.


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