Summa is an Entrepreneurial Non-Profit Organization Focused on Education.

We are daring to think big. We have an unwavering belief in our team’s innate capacity. Our ability to balance our passion for change with the zeal to measure impact. We have unified around a focal point of effort, building a model on the organization’s existing strengths in an area ripe for improvement and innovation. Our programs and services are proven to get at the root cause, instead of addressing symptoms. We believe we have a great deal to teach change-makers in other sectors.

We are seeking investors interested in working as equal partners in creating solutions. We rely on 60% individual donors, and 40% granting foundations. After the initial year of start-up funding (2012), the Summa Academy’s tuition and Professional Development program income support the annual budget. Ongoing donations from donors and funders provide for scholarships, special programs, and eventually an endowment fund.

Benefits of Entrepreneurship:

  • Our staff can focus 100% on our clients
  • Given the economic landscape of our times, Summa provides Portland and all non-profits with a new model for sustainability
  • Diversification of revenue streams allows maximum economic stability
  • Summa’s commitment supports Portland’s reputation as a visionary city with a commitment to people and to sustainability
  • The creation of 17 new jobs in Portland—each with specialized training and education that can be applied in future employment

“With over 100 years of combined experience, we are creating an educational organization that supports each child in a web of relationships with educators and parents who share in the primacy of supporting the child’s development.” -Ba Luvmour


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