Summa’s Mission and Values

mission and valuesMission

Summa Institute uses Natural Learning Relationships to provide students, families and professionals with the resources, education, and community to achieve optimal well-being in self, family, and society.


A community of families and professionals strengthened through sustainable family relationships and the experience of education providing the highest potential for self-actualization in all children.

Core Values

The goal of education and family is to discover the greatness that lives in each of us. Family cohesiveness, healthy relationships, and a continuity of values between home and school are keys to academic success and happy, socially able children.

Healthy relationships are essential to all learning. We use Natural Learning Relationships and its inclusive appreciation of child development, family dynamics, and multiple intelligences and learning styles to relate to the child as a whole being. In this conscientious relationship with the child, the adult also develops.

The ultimate aim in life is for each of us to actualize our highest potential, through self-actualization. At Summa Institute, we are dedicated to providing opportunities for self-actualization for children and adults alike.


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