Academic Excellence at Summa Academy

The Opening is very close. In answer to parents that have toured the facility this blog shall now appear more frequently and will explicitly address how Summa’s achieves its goals. We begin by examining the four goals of the Summa Academy.
This blog focuses on the Goal #1—Academic… Read More >

The Difference Between Change and Emergence

(This is the last blog describing our philosophical foundations for a while. In respect of those who have toured the facility and the questions they have asked, and the imminent Opening, blogs, will appear more frequently and will focus how we accomplish our mission and vision.)

My Executive… Read More >

The Blessed End of Choice

Living self knowledge is the end of choice.

Those who live self knowledge live beyond comparison as a way to ascertain value. The balance sheet approach to decision making never occurs.

Simply, there is a draw to well-being, to the insight and action that dissolves the illusion of… Read More >

Rites of Passage, Amber, and the Professional Development Center

Three times a year I teach a one credit graduate course at Portland State University. Courses vary though all of them use Natural Learning Relationships as the foundation. Teachers, school guidance counselors and therapists have all attended courses ranging from Relationships with Middle… Read More >

Psyche, Paradox, and Self Knowledge

In his brilliantly detailed book, The Mystical Languages of Unsaying, Michael Sells scrutinizes the verbal and written teachings of Greek, Christian, and Islamic texts. The point is clear: As soon as an aware person speaks of self knowledge he or she immediately “unsays” it. Why? Because there… Read More >

Frog and Toad and BodyBeing

So I am reading the enchanting book Frog and Toad Together to 3 year old Naomi and 6 year old Ruby. It has five chapters and they are following closely. The chapter in which Toad writes a list and then loses it and so loses the thread of his day gets a smile and a nod of understanding. In “The… Read More >

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