Love Through a Child’s Eyes

I have the great good fortune to live next door to my grandchildren. We play, travel, learn, and are often together. Recently 5-year-old Naomi and I were in the midst of an exciting game of her design. Abruptly she changed the rules. While I knew that rules and 5-year-old children don’t always… Read More >

How Market-Speak Undermines Wisdom in Education

Mr. Luvmour

From the desk of our Headmaster Mr. Luvmour

As I type “wbr” into my computer the words “wisdom-based relationship” appear.  I entered the shorthand into autocorrect 27 years ago. Since then I, along with my wife Josette, have been creating and administering programs for schools, teaching… Read More >

Introducing Lead Educator, Ian Peters, Sapphire Room

“I grew up in a family full of teachers so I spent a lot of time in my mom’s classroom, just working in there and helping out, and I kind of knew from an early age that that’s what I wanted to do.” - Ian Peters

Since he was a young child helping to organize the library books in his mother’s… Read More >

Introducing Lead Educator, Natalie Pepper, MAT, Onyx Room

“My approach when it comes to teaching is simple: I teach kids where they’re at, and help them strive to do their best at their level, not the level of anyone else.” – Natalie Pepper, MAT

Natalie is a driven and passionate human being. When she was a child, Natalie was diagnosed with… Read More >

Onyx Students Respond to Cleveland High School’s Program Inquiry

While we’re no strangers to receiving inquiries at Summa about our innovative program, it’s not often we receive a note from students themselves! Three Cleveland High School students got in touch with us last week, wanting to know more about our program. Here’s what happened…

Dear Summa,
We… Read More >

Parent Feature: Trish Langman

Trish Langman joined our community with husband Neale and son Henry (Sapphire ages 6-8) in September. Trish has eighteen years of experience designing for prestigious fashion companies worldwide, including Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Halston, Kashiyama, Donna Karan, Nicole Miller,… Read More >

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