Dr. Fleurette Sweeney and Natural Learning Relationships

Meeting Dr. Flourette Dr. Flourette

Dr. J and Ba Luvmour taught an on-line course for graduate students last semester on Rites of Passage. One of the learners told us of her incredible work combining sound (through music) and symbol (language). On February 12th, she came to Summa to introduce her work to Summa Academy tomorrow and led a workshop for the educators during an in-service day.

Music and language learning

Dr. Fleurette Sweeney has spent the past 50 years researching the connection between singing and speaking. Until 1991, while collaborating with Mary Helen Richards in the development of Education Through Music, she taught courses in ETM at universities and school districts throughout the US, Canada and Japan.

Fleurette is founder of the Living Language Institute Foundation Vancouver, BC (1987). Supported by the Foundation, Fleurette and colleagues developed the Singing English Pilot Project (2008) to address the needs of teachers and children in the multi-lingual classrooms of Vancouver, BC.  She currently teaches both children and adults enrolled in the Foundation’s Early Childhood credentialing program.  She is a founding member of Music EdVentures Inc. and also teaches courses entitled Sound to Symbol Praxis in the SelfDesign Graduate Institute.

Music and language together


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