Personalized Learning Plans at Summa Academy

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Every student at Summa Academy has his or her own Personalized Learning Plan

It is created in collaboration with Summa Academy educators, director, and the parents. The child’s input is invited, welcomed, and weighted according to his or her age and developmental capacities.

The Personalized Learning Plan is a modification of curriculum, not a replacement. It indicates emphasis, offers suggestions, and qualifies proficiencies.  All of the subjects are integrated into each student’s learning plan in the areas they need.

The following is a sample of a student’s personalized learning plan. Notes come from the family interview (fictionalized in this case). The Personalized Learning Plan is created after enrollment and in the curriculum meeting with educators, student, family and Academy Director.

Here is a sample of what a Personalized Learning Plan for a 4-6 year old would include:

  • Cooperative Games and Activities based in music and utilizing safe/guided touch as bridge to wider and safer social interactions
  • Projects in math and Science that are centered on weight and height to improve Kevin’s math skills; include simple graphs
  • Use art to help Kevin learn to make his own letters. Using his work,  help him to creatively build a simple book of his own stories Expand his interests in building to include interior design and ambiance
  • Write words phonetically as he makes the sounds from various dialects so he can see which sounds go with which letter combinations
  • Provide safe opportunities for Kevin to read simple stories aloud to other children— mentor a small group feedback (make it safe by providing opportunities for other children involved to do the same)
  • Cooperative games and activities that involve several children working together to solve a puzzle (side by side collaboratively)
  • Observation of plants and animals in nature. Bring some into the classroom and for others, plan field trips (e.g., to see it in its natural habitat); help Kevin to keep a simple journal (e.g., drawings of plant parts with names, pictures of animals with his descriptions, his experiences interacting with the natural world, etc.)

*This student’s name was changed to protect his anonymity


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