Summa Academy - Education that enlivens, enlightens, enriches and awakens.

Self-actualized kids. Thriving families. Passionate professionals. Inspired community.

Academic excellence is only the beginning…

  • Self-reflection
  • Joy in learning
  • Social competence
  • Self-assurance in the ability to succeed

Only by including all of these can children truly succeed.

Located in downtown Portland (map), Summa Academy is an independent school for children ages 4-14 and their families, featuring:

Together we create an environment where students, parents, and teachers grow together. Join us and experience education as it ought to be.

Summa Academy’s curriculum is based on a humanistic approach to child development called Natural Learning Relationships. This proprietary understanding has been the basis of our work for 30 years. We relate to each student as an individual, teaching to his or her strengths and creating opportunities for development in areas of his or her greatest need. Education is not effective if it does not nurture the physical, social, emotional, spiritual, AND intellectual development of students. That is why we maintain these 4 goals of education, while many other private schools focus primarily on the first goal.

the four goals of the academy




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