Summa Academy

Education as it ought to be.

Located in downtown Portland (map), Summa Academy is an independent school for children ages 4-14 and their families, featuring:

Together we create an environment where students, parents, and teachers grow together.

The aim of education is to awaken the greatness that lives in each of us.  This awakening is accomplished by meeting the needs of families, students and educators. We implement specific programs to provide avenues for understanding the developmental imperatives of children.

Every student at Summa Academy has his or her own Personalized Learning Plan which is created in collaboration with Summa Academy educators and the parents. The child’s input is invited, welcomed, and weighted according to his or her age and developmental capacities.

In a multi-age learning environment, children move from easier to more difficult material and from simple to more complex strategies at their own pace. They are viewed as individuals, and expectations are adjusted for each child to promote social, emotional, physical, aesthetic, and cognitive development. Students are required to produce ideas, integrate knowledge, and complete tasks that have real-world applications.

Project Based Learning allows students to address community issues, deepen communication skills, interact with people of all ages, use technology, and present their work to audiences beyond the classroom. Project based learning excites students as they engage new skills, and enjoy the satisfaction of a completed work.

Summa Academy is Portland’s only Natural Learning Relationships school. We relate to each student as an individual, teaching to his or her strengths and creating opportunities for development in areas of his or her greatest need. Education is most effective when it nurtures the physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual development of students. That is why we maintain these 4 goals of education, while many other private schools focus primarily on the first goal.

Self-actualized kids. Thriving families. Passionate professionals. Inspired community.

the four goals of the academy



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